Australian artist collaboration - Letitia Green

Meet the Creative Mind: Letitia Green

At Kip & Boo, we're not just about sleepwear; we're about wearable art! Our collaboration with Letitia Green, an Australian artist extraordinaire, brings a burst of creativity to bedtime.

The Cancun Print: Where Art Meets Comfort

Letitia's first design for Kip & Boo, the Cancun print, is a visual feast inspired by the azure Caribbean ocean and sun-kissed days. Each brushstroke reflects the vibrant hues and patterns that are sure to elevate your mood whenever you slip into this masterpiece.

Cancun Print

A Glimpse into Letitia's World

Letitia's art dances with colour, shadows, and exquisite light, drawing inspiration from her passions for fashion, interiors, and photography. As a finalist in the Fremantle International Portrait Prize 2019 and a recipient of accolades from Capture Magazine for Australasia's Emerging Photographers 2020, Letitia's creativity knows no bounds.

From New York Fashion Week to Your Nightwear

Letitia's work isn't confined to canvases; it has graced New York Fashion Week, adorned the iconic Rihanna, and found its place in home and design magazines. You might even spot it in a chic Prahran apartment or among the curated collections at the NGV design store and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Letitia Green: A Trailblazer and Storyteller

Beyond her art, Letitia has shared her insights as a guest speaker at the Melbourne Museum during the Virgin Australia Fashion Festival. She's not just an artist; she's a storyteller weaving narratives through her captivating creations.

At Kip & Boo, we're thrilled to bring Letitia Green's art from the world's stages to your bedroom. Embrace the fusion of comfort and creativity with our exclusive Cancun print!


Letitia Green