Embrace the Joys of National Pyjama Day with Kip & Boo's Bamboo PJ's

Today is a day worth celebrating – it's National Pyjama Day, and at Kip & Boo, we can't help but feel the excitement!


Kip & Boo's women's bamboo sleepwear is tailor-made for holidays and beyond. Our mission revolves around the perfect blend of travel, sleepwear, and the incredible benefits of bamboo clothing, and we are the ultimate sleepwear brand for all your holiday adventures.


Travel Smarter with Our All Day Pjs:

Made for all climates, our bamboo sleepwear is the perfect travel companion – luxuriously soft, breathable, fast-drying, thermal regulating, and even anti-bacterial. Now, you can pack less and experience more, as our Pjs are suitable for all-day wear, whether you're lounging in your hotel room or basking in the sun by the pool.


Sustainability in Style:

Our passion for bamboo goes beyond its exceptional properties. We have chosen bamboo for its sustainability, making every piece of our sleepwear an eco-friendly choice. Because looking fabulous should never come at the cost of the environment! ♻️💚


At Kip & Boo, we are more than just a sleepwear brand – we're your best friend after a couple of cocktails by the pool, embodying a free spirit and a touch of sass.


Our mission is simple but impactful: We believe that every day should feel like a holiday, and with our sleepwear, you'll experience that vacay bliss even when you're not traveling. Slip into our bamboo sleepwear, and let every day become a mini vacay – from morning coffee rituals to evening relaxation. ☕🌈


So, as we celebrate National Pyjama Day today, why not immerse yourself in the comfort, style, and playful spirit of Kip & Boo?

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